China Tea

Steeped in traditional Chinese culture, China Tea is committed to providing consumers with traditional, ecological and safe tea products and services.

China Tea, one of the 18 specialised companies of China National Cereals, Oil and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO), is one of the 12 oil and foodstuff industrial chains that the corporation focuses on. The company takes it as a mission to inherit and promote traditional Chinese tea culture by upholding the philosophy of nature, ecology, safety and health and by positioning itself as a brand consumer goods company featuring whole category and integrated operation. It upholds the spirit of “China Tea, the National Drink” and endeavours to offer consumers with more quality tea products and services.

Founded in 1949, China Tea is the first state-owned company, and has made great contribution to the economic growth of the People’s Republic of China. As a representative of China’s tea companies, it enjoys a naturally rich history and consumers’ trust. The company, as the only whole category tea company among China’s time-honoured brands, not only ranks the first among tea companies, but also the highest among the Top 100 in the industry for consecutive years. For more than half a century, products by China Tea have been presented to Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Vladimir Putin, the president of Russian Federation and other heads of state as state gifts. They are also the designated products at international conferences like APEC, the Belt and Road Forum, and the BRICS National Summit. Our brand, together with the tea scent, is widely recognized both at home and abroad.

With “whole industrial chain” proposed by COFCO as a guideline, China Tea has controlled quality tea source via whole industrial chain control and management and the operation model of “company+supplier+farmer”, and has provided natural, green, healthy, safe and quality raw materials for tea production, safeguarding the excellence of product quality. China Tea boasts highly professional processing bases in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Yunnan, Hunan and Guangxi, all equipped with advanced production and processing technologies and equipment and strict production standards. China Tea has more than 1,300 outlets and more than 35,000 retail terminals, forging a sales network covering markets home and abroad. Its products include black tea, oolong tea, scented tea, white tea, liu pao Tea, pu’er Tea, dark tea and other tea beverages under the global best-seller core brand “China Tea” and other brands like Sea Dyke, Butterfly, Wooden House Century and Monkey King.

China Tea has four business division: Oolong Tea (China Tea Xiamen and China Tea Fujian), Black Tea (China Tea Hunan), Pu erh Tea (China Tea Yunnan and China Tea Guangxi), and Green Tea (China Tea Anhui). Other braches include China Tea Rongtong (Beijing) Co., Ltd and China Tea Life (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

By virtue of its thorough knowledge and profound perception of China’s tea industry, China Tea will further optimise its industrial chain structure which underlines enhanced brands and channels and continue to improve its management, system and mechanism, and investment. China Tea strives to be a world-leading tea company and the representative of China’s tea products, and dedicates the ancient but charming natural beverage to consumers in an effort to popularise China’s tea culture.